by - Monday, May 14, 2012

Can you believe this is the only photo I have from this past week?  My little Sofia and her wacky hair eating her banana/avocado mixture in her new chair, gosh I love her!  :) I've been taking advantage of the camera I always have with me (my iPhone) and have neglected the blog for Instagram over the last few days and for that I am sorry!  To all my favorite mamabloggers out there I hope you all had the happiest of mothers days.  I unfortunately didn't even get to spend the day with my daughter as I had to work all day, but Erick took me out for a quick dinner afterwards and massaged the heck out of my back when we got home!  Yes!

Things have been SO busy around here, and I thank you all so very much for hanging in here with me!  All this party planning has been making me dizzy, but we're getting there!  Erick and I are also taking our first year wedding anniversary trip this weekend so be prepared for lots of fun travel photos and probably another excursion with Sofia's best baby friend, Violet.  Summer in Chicago is definitely coming and the air is crisp and clear.  My heart is racing with anticipation of all the amazingly fun things we have planned and yet to do!  Can you feel it?  

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  1. I adore this photo. Happy Mama's day and Happy 1st wedding anniversary : ) x