by - Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Right now you are eleven months old and are quickly- dare I say too quickly- approaching your first birthday!  We are spending our days together outside as the weather turns to spring, and the days we're stuck indoors you usually help me clean by dusting off our bookshelves with your socks.  How very nice of you!  I don't think I've even mentioned the large vocabulary you have now for such a little girl: "bubbas" (bubbles)  "aahwaa" (agua)  "muma"  "papa" "baba" (bottle) "hey" "bye" "aah dun" (all done) and "hiiii bubba".

(We aren't too sure what that last one means yet, but we love it!)

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  1. I could listen to tiny people talk all day, they're just so sweet! What a little darling girl you have :)

  2. I love when they start to take, as for the last one my daughter said that to us & then we found out we where pregnant.