Thursday, May 24, 2012


I've known Amber and Billy for almost 2 years now.

I met each of them separately, Amber made me smile and got me dancing from the minute I first met her at a work event.  Billy, I once convinced to come out to a show that Erick DJ'd at some crazy dive bar in the city.

They both are two of the sweetest, most loving people I have ever met, and once I had learned they were getting married I knew instantly they were perfect for each other.

Through some of the toughest times they've had each other to lean on; they've endured pain watching both of their mothers battle cancer yet still, all I've ever heard from them has been profoundly positive.  Amber and Billy know the meaning of love in its rawest form, you can just see it come naturally in everything they do.  I know they are in for an amazing journey together, and I can't wait to share the joy that will be their wedding in Mexico.

Love is a powerful thing.



  1. AMBER DUUUUKE! i like her. though she doesn't realllly know me that's okay. i like her lots haha

    also your hi-res photos BREAK my internetz every TIIIME! *shakes fist at the internetz* Y U NO GO FASTER?! i hate it. but love you and your photography amazingness skills pretty hard.

  2. Beautiful photos, mamadela! And a beautiful couple.
    I want you to take photos of my family

  3. oooooh they are adorable! i love the one of her on her tippy toes, and the ruffled hair bw one after that. so sweet!

    beautiful captures, kate!

  4. just breathtaking! lovely lovely lovely photos!

  5. You look absolutely lovely in these photographs! Thanks for it..New Jersey Newborn Photographer


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