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A year ago today, I married my best friend.

We ran to the courthouse early in the morning and sat in the lobby nervously while holding hands.  I remember our judge, she was a woman not older than my own mother, whose words were sweet and pace, relaxed.  I look back now and appreciate the time she spent with us in that little room as the ceremony itself was quick, and we were alone.  The memories I have of our wedding will always be this tiny little secret, something simple and solitary that only Erick and I will be the ones to know.  Someday we will throw a party to celebrate our day with music and dancing, soft candles flickering across a warm summer night.  We'll invite all of our friends from all of the far away places that they may be and feel joy in our hearts seeing them gather together and let loose upon our starlit dance floor.

I can't even fathom how a year's worth of time has already passed!  If what they say is true that, "time flies when you're having…


I've known Amber and Billy for almost 2 years now.

I met each of them separately, Amber made me smile and got me dancing from the minute I first met her at a work event.  Billy, I once convinced to come out to a show that Erick DJ'd at some crazy dive bar in the city.

They both are two of the sweetest, most loving people I have ever met, and once I had learned they were getting married I knew instantly they were perfect for each other.

Through some of the toughest times they've had each other to lean on; they've endured pain watching both of their mothers battle cancer yet still, all I've ever heard from them has been profoundly positive.  Amber and Billy know the meaning of love in its rawest form, you can just see it come naturally in everything they do.  I know they are in for an amazing journey together, and I can't wait to shar


Erick had a major video project to finish up this Wednesday, so luckily I was invited to head out for a day at the Lincoln Park Zoo and Green City Market.  I spent my time with the littlest Larry Barry (pictured above) and my cousins as well as Nina and her little girl Violet who you may have remembered from this post.  The weather got hot quickly, but I did manage to grab a great deal at the end of the day with some fresh flowers, eggs, a sunflower seed bread loaf and a smoothie!  This is definitely one of the better markets I've been to -  I'll have to come back on a Saturday sometime for some more goodies.

I am so happy that it's market season again!


Today, I am home.

I find after traveling, it takes a moment to regroup and accustom yourself to your old surroundings.  When Erick and I arrived last afternoon, the first thing Sofia did was shriek!  She waved her arms up and down and paddled through the air back and forth into her Papa's arms and back to my own.  Though she truly does have the best time with her grandparents, it was such a relief to see that she didn't skip a beat in making us feel secure in our vacation plans.  We've missed her so much.  Today we kept things simple and quiet around the house, reading our favorite books on the lawn with a picnic basket full of blocks.  Life right now is quite possibly the best it's ever been, and I most definitely will be making the outdoor story time something that happens more often around here!

Sofia picked out Violet's borrowed shirt from the wash today!
I think someone misses her playdate buddy.


Hey friends!

I hate asking for favors but this one is important to me.  For as much as I wish they would just let the video speak for itself, to be selected for this year's Electric Forest Hoop Troupe, the "likes" on YouTube are being factored into their decision making.  If you could, just head to this link and give me a thumbs up.  This is another glimpse into my life and me just doing what I love to do.  I'm nowhere near the level I was before I had a baby, but I am slowly practicing and finding the time to be able to dedicate myself to my strange but lovely craft.  Enjoy!

Thumbs up and video link are here:

Thank you so, so much.

I definitely learned my lesson about waiting until the last minute -- the video was due yesterday!  Eep!  At least Erick and I can say we gave it a shot, and although it wasn't my best work, we both have a lot of hilarious memories in making it come together so quickly! Haha! Goodnight, (final…


Saint Louis, you were good to us.

This was such a fantastic little adventure for us two!  We were able to find some great new places to eat, walk around in the 90 degree sun and manage not to melt, and even had a few opportunities to stay out later than our usual 9PM bedtime.  I'm sure many of you already saw my daily food snaps over on Instagram and if you ever happen to visit, I highly recommend Half and Half for a delicious brunch or Rooster for some quite strong morning cocktails. ;)  I have to say that was the first time I was ever buzzing at breakfast and it was... weird.

This city also happens to be the home of one of my other great friends that I haven't seen in a long, long time.  I was so thrilled when she gave me a ring late on Sunday night so we could catch up and make last minute plans for a coffee chat before we left on Monday morning.  It is so rejuvenating to make up for lost time with friends that just pick up where they left off with you.  Blair is witty, ki…