by - Monday, April 30, 2012

the remembering now project, 2012.

catch up on the rest of the series here.

In light of her top two teeth starting to make their appearance, Sofia has been more drooly than ever.
This is also the first week we accidentally left our amber teething necklace at Grandma's house :/

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  1. perfect picture of those little buds :) So hard to get a pic of their teeth!

  2. She is so adorable! I'm so happy that Landon has all of his teeth now. Well, he is getting his two year molars in but thankfully they aren't nearly as bad as all of the others. I've never heard of people using those teething necklaces until recently. Only after Landon got all of his teeth, haha.

  3. @annie - I know! They move so fast!
    @jessica - Thank you! We love ours so far!

  4. oh no! it's never fun when those teething toys get left behind. hope everything has been going well. she is beautiful!
    xo TJ

  5. awe i can see them coming in!! I can never stop looking at my daughter teeth!! 6 months and 4 teeth, im still just like "wth?" haha
    p.s. the only reason im anonymous is because im too lazy to make an account for this thing that i dont know how to work, but love ur blog!!