by - Friday, April 13, 2012

(silly photo of me saying, "whaaat?"  by the husband)

Hi friends. I wanted to take a minute to catch up together and fill you in on a few new things! To anyone new to our space, thank you for visiting and I'm glad you're here. You may have noticed the look around the blog has been much simpler and clean. It's something I'm trying to do not only in just the blog, but with my life itself... a bit of a spring-cleaning, if you will. My Facebook feed filled with "friends" I haven't talked to in ages, a twitter name that no one could pronounce or understand, blog columns and categories I couldn't keep up with, even pressure to post when I know I should just be enjoying my time with my family. The list is seeming never-ending for a lot of us out there, and I just wanted to be honest and say that I too have gotten "stuck" one time or another, and here's a few things I did to streamline my way out of it:

• Keep as many things consistent as you can
My twitter handle was previously queguerita (that white girl) which was funny to me at the time, but now that I'll be launching my website and really diving into freelance soon, i needed to switch back to my name: katedelarosj (I threw my middle initial at the end because I created katedelarosa back in the day and don't remember the login information! doh!)  Consistency is key when you're launching a business.  Try a more uniformed approach for your clients to find you instead of making it a wild goose chase through nicknames and goofy-handles. ;)

• Keep it simple
Trying to remember which day of the week it was to do some silly "column" on the blog was getting to be more of a bother than I had originally hoped.  Now, I'm still keeping up to date with recipes, outings, daily photos, or things I find interesting, but the difference is, there is no set-schedule.  I post as I'm inspired.  I write when it flows.  Not restraining myself has made it much easier to post content that is genuine and enjoyable.

• Narrow it down
There are a few great reads about this lately, and two that really resonated with me were Ryan's and Becka's.  To really avoid falling in what Becka calls the "comparison trap" we need to toss out everyone's updates that we (honestly) don't care about. it takes for-EV-er to weed through a Facebook stream of everyone's happenings and frankly I don't care about a lot of them. Customize your feed. pick your close friends and business colleagues only. And- if it's really getting to your head, do what Ryan did and just eliminate all of the "stats" out of your life altogether. This isn't a popularity contest. We're in it for our own personal reasons, and mine is for my family.

And that's it!  Hope this may have been helpful to some of you, and I hope you all have a very lucky Friday the 13th.  Here's to a great start to our weekends.  Cheers!

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  1. Do you know why I like You, your blog and your instagram? Because you are genuine (!) and you love your family and you are beyond adorable ( just like your daughter). It's refreshing that you aren't doing what someone else is doing. I'm excited to see more of your freelance work.

    I really enjoyed Becka's article. It has a lot of great and relatable advice. Thank you for sharing it.

    Ryan. I respect his decision. I stopped reading his blog awhile ago. Maybe I'll start reading again.

  2. Carucks, (because in my head I will always call you Carucks) I am so lucky to have connected with such a great person (and family!) through the Internet. Kinda crazy that we've never met, but for some reason it doesn't seem to matter to me at all! :) thank you again for your kind words. If we ever vacation to Florida I am definitely getting a hold of you and you can show us around!

  3. Well written and totally get where you are coming from...I cleaned out my space too...it feel so much better:) xxt

    ps. Good Luck with you're journey, really - not that I think you need it:)