by - Thursday, March 08, 2012

This Wednesday was a great day.

Sofia took naps with her Papa.
My cinnamon roll muffins were a disaster.
Abby's crumb cake was delightful.

Our friend Abby (from Abbyblujay) who I really hope purchases abbyblujay[dot]com, came over for coffee, tea, baking and all things Apple. And because I know you're all curious, the main reason I'm banking on this domain purchase is mainly so I can introduce her that way in our future ultra-secret totally not-so secret endeavor. Eeep!

I had such an awesome time geeking out over the Keynote, and as of late, Erick has been helping me in another big project: bringing life to the website I've been designing in my brain.  When I start to see all these things I've been daydreaming of start to really happen, little zaps of excitement follow me wherever I go!

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  1. GAH i hate you. but i donnn't! BAH. haha

    also i haz some domain buying questions for you!

  2. Yes, ask away! Email me or something since I won't see you for a while. But you totally should!

  3. I've had Abby's crumb cake... it's delicious and particularly enjoyable for breakfast :)