by - Thursday, March 22, 2012

The sun was warm and the breeze, cool.  A perfect, eighty degree second day of spring was our time to meet up with friends, catch up, and enjoy the weather.  For as many times as we all tried to get together, we've had quite a few flops -- so we made sure to do as much as we could this past Wednesday.

We started early, around 11AM to head over for lattes at Metropolis, then walked to the nearest beach to stick our toes in the water.  We refueled with frozen yogurt up on Belmont, then trekked to eat one of the best hot dogs you'll have in Chicago.  

To note, Sofia loves pickles.  And Abby.

You can find Abby's perspective on the day here.  
Any photos that you can see me in were taken by him.

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  1. I love seeing how other people spend their days off in the city. Hot Doug's?!?! omg, hot dogs are probably the number one reason I won't completely give up meat. That's it. I'm going next week.

  2. @rossie you HAVE to go!! It's amazing. Erick loves the goose-liver one, I love the Bridget Bardot, and even the regular hot dogs are amazing. So good.

  3. Looks like such a fun day! That first picture of you and Sofia is stunning! Chloe loves pickles too!!

  4. I love, love, love this. You all looked like you had so much fun, and Sofia is so sweet. Oh and P.S. I love her shorts!

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