by - Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sofia, your two bottom teeth finally came through-- madness, I tell you!  Besides drooling and shoving whatever you could into your tiny baby mouth, you barely made a peep regarding your newly cut gums.  You look magical!  Papa says that your "baby teeth better grow in straight," and I think that means he doesn't want to pay for your braces.  It's okay.  You'll have a few awkward years and we'll love you just the same.

Today we had another historical moment-- your first ride in a swing!  The weather has been beautiful around here lately and you've loved taking walks with me in our ergo carrier.  You really are the perfect companion:  you smile and wave at passerby's at Target, we pick out soaps together at Lush, and if we could only get your dad to get over that one tank top we bought that apparently shows "too much of your baby boobies".  We'll work on it.

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  1. Adorable. She looks like such a little lady with those two teeth. So grown up! The second thing I thought about when I saw this photo was Eric's thoughts about baby boobies. He's such a protective papi. :)