by - Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sometimes I wonder if being born under the Aquarius sign has any doing in my love for the water.  Whenever I begin to feel restless, a quick trip to a lake, ocean, or even a long bath always seems to snap me out of my disarray.

The day before I was in labor with Sofia, I spent the entire day -- 7 full hours -- floating in the pool at my parent's house.  I remember how weightless I felt, to finally have those few, quiet moments in the water to myself.  

I feel the pull of the sea often.  I hope someday we might even be fortunate enough to call a place home near the water.  Until then, I'll remember to take trips like these no matter how short as often as I can.

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  1. These photos are just lovely. What a beautiful day!

  2. I agree.... there's something so calming about the ebb and flow of water. I could watch waves roll in for hours. Chris and I have been spoiled with a lake house rental as our first home... I hope someday we can afford to live in one permanently!

    Also, floral pants. So awesome.

  3. I agree,being near the water is so calming and refreshing! I love that picture of you and Erick, its so beautiful!