by - Thursday, February 09, 2012

As we approach nine months, we've been experimenting with self-feeding, chunkier textures, and new flavor combinations.  We've gotten the okay to start adding simple proteins so we are making some new choices for breakfast- eggs!  

* It's important to note that babies cannot have a full egg (I.E. egg whites) until at least after a year old.  The yolks of the eggs are perfectly safe, but the whites of the eggs contain a protein which still remains a high allergen for those under one year of age.

As far as technique goes, I found it was pretty simple to crack the egg and dump out the whites while cradling the yolk, then you can mix the yolk with breast milk or formula to scramble in a small frying pan until crumbly.  We paired Sofia's meal with some small chunks of avocado made for little pincher fingers! ;)  As a precaution, you can watch your baby for a few days to double, triple, (or quadruple) check for any type of allergy before introducing new foods.  Yum!

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  1. Is it weird that I'm craving Sofia's food? 'Cause seriously, it looks so good to me right now...

  2. Haha... not at all! I think that's the point! To not give her something I wouldn't eat myself, right? :)

    Speaking of eggs... I'm hungry!

  3. So, did she eat it? At 18 months Ben is finally starting to like scrambled eggs and sometimes avocado. I find feeding Ben soooo difficult...trying to keep mealtime interesting and healthy! I love hearing what other people feed their kids for ideas! :)

  4. @whatbenwore - She did! The eggs she liked, but what was weird, is she hasn't had avocado since she was around 6 months, and I'm not sure she's a fan of the texture this time around!