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For anyone that's been around since the very beginning, and I mean the very beginning (YIKES!) you can clearly see what a long way we've come since we started back in February last year.  I've learned a lot from blog veterans that have been around the block, so for DASJ being a year old now, being able to share what I've learned through the course of a year of consistent blogging is really enlightening. What I want to talk about today is how you can make blogging work for you and not get sucked into the toxic abyss that is self-doubt, comparing yourself, and jealousy:

I'm pretty big into yoga, zen, and a lot of what goes into the Buddhist culture- no surprise there.  But I remember specifically an article about greed. Oof.  I know I've found myself stuck in a pile of greed before through blogging before, and guess what?  It sucks.  I want to be able to open up honestly and share a little bit of what helped me through those times, and so the story goes:

     A guru asked, "Are you greedy?"
The young man said, "No not really.  Just a little, but that does not count."
     With that, the guru put out a small vial of powder and said, "Take this".
The young man asked, "What is it?"
     The guru replied, "It's poison"
Shocked, the young man retorted, "I'm not going to take that, it will kill me!"
     To which the guru responded, "It's just a little poison- and a little does not count".

So the point I'm trying to make is that if we all realize that even a little poison will hurt your body, why do we not think that a little "mental poison" will not hurt our minds?  To blog for you, you need to try as hard as you can to not give in to the greed, jealousy, and countless comparing of your own blog that is so hurtful to our hearts.

I found I finally broke free of that nonsense when I started focusing on the things I cared about most, and the things I knew I was good at.  So what if I don't travel all over the world or get to spend a ton of money or have a fabulous life.  I have more an amazing life that I can document from my cozy home in the city.  The crafts that make me happy.  My daughter that makes my soul sing.

What is it that you're great at?  Is it cooking?  Is it taking amazing photos?  What about your hobbies, your interests, your passions?  That's what you need to blog about.  Who cares whether or not you think it's cool or interesting, the point is, someone out there in the vast entanglement of the interwebs thinks what you do is pretty cool.

pick some topics that are important to you
• stick with it, then persevere some more.
• realize that all great things take time
• be consistent

Finally, if you're blogging for yourself and doing what you love, it becomes something so therapeutic and amazing.  Too often we let it become just a catch up game of trying to do something as "cool" as the blog next door.  But competitive blogging is exhausting.  You don't WANT to sit down at the computer anymore because, frankly, you don't feel like it and you're out of good ideas anyway.  When you make the switch to consistently blogging about the things that really get your blood pumping, you can't wait for the next opportunity to share a piece of that knowledge with the world.


  1. These are some great points. After years of blogging (not always the same blog) it took me quite some time to realize that the most important audience was really myself as far as blogging goes. Now I just do as I feel, and write as I feel and it's all so much more organic and therapeutic.

  2. These are some great points. After years of blogging (not always the same blog) it took me quite some time to realize that the most important audience was really myself as far as blogging goes. Now I just do as I feel, and write as I feel and it's all so much more organic and therapeutic.

  3. Beautiful post. The blog has truly grown and still rocks! In the creative field it's easy to compare and change things, stunting your growth; keep growing!

    PS, your blog is now google able and shows up first in my suggestions. Congrats.

  4. This is so true! I sometimes go through blogging slumps and get so down when I compare my blog to others. Then I have to remember, blogging isn't a popularity contest. That's not why I started my blog or why I continue to write... I just want to share beautiful and meaningful things.

    I'm so excited to see more columns like this!

    P.S. you're a TOTAL BABE in that photo! I hope you're used to the red lips now, because they look great on you!

  5. Ive recently started a blog..literally two days ago!! & i agree 100%. I used to blog before about what other people wanted to see, and i had no motivation at all. People need to blog about what appeals to them, and if no one reads it so what :)

  6. Haha perfect! This is perfect for my situation. I wish I had the mad photo skills that you do to be able to share some sweet pictures, but I suppose I'll have to survive with my keyboard for now. :)

  7. wow I love this. I recently stumbled on your blog because of apartment therapy and I am glad I did. I will definitely be popping over to read more.

  8. Thanks everyone! I haven't figured out how to reply to my comments yet, but I appreciate all the feedback and sweet words :)

  9. I agree, I once had a blog I wrote what I felt, my emotions, I watched other blogs become blog famous while nothing happened to mine, with the jealousy I lost the passion, I hated logging on & finding zero comments for myself but they have 20+. I had to close my blog down & only after that did I get the feeling of writing again.


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