Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hey there, Kate here!  I'm finally getting around to wrapping up the last of our Goal Setting series!  I'm glad to hear your feedback that you enjoyed it, and I hope to follow up with these fine folks toward the end of 2012 (if we're all still here.. har har) and give you all a recap!  Up today, we have the talented and strikingly beautiful Katherine Ross of Gathered Heart.  I've been following Katherine's blog since I first starting blogging a year ago, all thanks from a helpful tip from my friend Abby.  Working as a graphic designer, you can tell even from the blog she's mastered the simple, clean and layed out perfectly look, she has a knack for curating amazing finds from around the web, and really has a knack for typography.  I'm so happy to have "met" her through the interwebs, and hopefully sometime in real life too! ;)  Take it away, Katherine:

"To be honest, 2011 was a such fantastic year and I'm a little nervous that 2012 won't be so great (I seem to have a cycle of "bad" years and '12 just happens to fit the pattern.) Regardless, I'm going to do my best to make this year awesome... which means spending lots of time with loved ones, eating tasty and healthy food, enjoying the outdoors as much as I can, creating, and lots of other things that make me happy. As long as I stick to those goals and remember what is important to me, I know 2012 will be great."

/ finish up some of my goals from 2011
/ try to have as many meatless mondays as possible
/ gather with friends more often
/ make the most out of summertime weather
/ post original content on my blog more often
/ try new hairstyles
/ make something I'm proud of once a week 

*thanks again to all that participated! dasj is putting in some extra hours to get some new original content your way!  let us know if there is something you'd especially like to see! xx


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