by - Saturday, January 14, 2012

Certain people out there-- beautiful people-- you know, the type you think can't possibly get even more beautiful with age or while expecting or any of that?  Well.  I can say without a doubt that I've proved this to be wrong with Justina.  She is expecting her first baby who we know is a little girl, and I don't think I've ever witnessed a more gorgeous glowing soul than what I saw during the day with her.

We spent the sunny afternoon hanging around the house, talking about similar fears and hopes we've had as expecting mothers, adventuring out into the (freezing!) snow and eating delicious buffalo wings.  I was able to witness a friend that I've grown up with during this exciting transformation and I couldn't be more proud.  Justina, you are going to be a fantastic mother.  Thank you for letting me share your story.

* note: these aren't even half of the photos we took today, there will be much more coming throughout the week in separate posts. stay tuned! also- justina happens to be a fabulous photographer and you can find her website here.

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  1. these are by far the most amazing and beautiful pregnant photos i have ever seen. your friend looks gorgeous. i only wish i could have looked half as good as her during my pregnancies. xo

  2. These are just beautiful! Congratulations to you friend!

  3. Gorgeous maternity photos! I love them!

  4. Thanks everyone! Justina makes it easy to take a pretty picture :)