by - Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hey everyone!  We hope you have an awesome weekend!  We've got big birthday plans with Erick and Diego and then we're off to Justina's baby shower on Sunday.  I'll be back to my regular posting schedule this week including awesome new ideas For Mama/For Baby, a new Goal Setting, and possibly another photo shoot!  For anyone in Chicagoland area, make sure you're careful if you're out and about in the crazy snow out there.

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  1. I don't think I realized you were in Chicago...we are visiting here now...gorgeous city but cold! Hope to come back in the summer.

  2. Are you? What area of the city are you?? Let me know if you need any brunch or dinner recommendations ;)

  3. We are staying at the Marriott on Hubbard and Dearborn. Today my husband actually has a day off...any suggestions? Touristy things? We have a 17 month old with us. Anything involving wine for later, works.

    We leave tomorrow so this is it! Thanks :)

  4. The purple pig downtown has great food, cheese and wine for later... And as far as touristy, I love the MCA for art and stuff, water tower place if you want to shop, or you could always do shedd aquarium or something like that (I just hate paying $$). It stinks its so cold out, I feel like there's more to do and it's easier to get places in the summer! I love the park!

    Hope you guys have a great time!