by - Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm so happy to be featuring another good friend of mine, Ashley on the blog today for Goal Setting.  I've known this girl pretty much since I've started at the job I'm at and we've had nothing but good times!  She definitely helped me get through a lot of my past pregnancy melt-downs, and can definitely rock a dance floor.

In case you missed it, she recently featured a short documentary on Erick, Sofia and I right here.  I wish nothing but the best for you in 2012, and look forward to visiting you down in Orlando this summer ;)

**  I actually just got word from Ashley that Disney isn't doing an internship this year.  Bummer!  Everyone over at DASJ still wishes you great things in 2012 and look forward to your sewing adventures!

Just a reminder, if you want to be featured on the blog, submit your entry right here!  It's been so much fun to share our goals, hopes, and dreams for this new year together.  - kate

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