by - Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If you can tell by these photos how messy our house is, I'm sorry.  I've realized that even though it seems like it shouldn't matter, clutter really effects your inner calm and happiness.  We've got a lot of cleaning to do but as you've noticed- usually for two days over the course of the weekend through Tuesday- I'm never on the blog.  Childcare for us right now has been split graciously between both Erick and I's parents, and that means on Sunday and Monday when my family watches Sofia, we have to stay the night since they live so far away.  It's not the easiest arrangement for any of us right now, but hey.  At least its free.

This is the first time we've ever run into a problem where we can't find a sitter this week, and it has me stressed out to the max.  They changed my schedule at work to a day I'm not normally on, so everyone we usually have watch her already has something planned.  I'm not sure I feel comfortable enough looking in the paper or over the web to find "sitters" in the Chicago area yet, so sometimes you're just screwed.  Plain and simple.  This is one of the downsides of parenting and not having much family or friends living near you.

I honestly just think this week is going to be "one of those weeks".  Until we're able to take enough time to get cleaned up around here, make back-up babysitter arrangements, and have some free moments to ourselves we're just going to have to suck it up.  I just hope it all passes quickly and without much trouble.

Have any of you ever found yourself in a similar scenario?  When did you start searching for childcare that wasn't a family or friend?

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  1. I can't exactly say I have problems with childcare... :) but I hope you figure everything out with as little stress as possible!

    I do know what its like to have your cluttered house clutter your mind, though. Sometimes, for peace of mind, I'll take 5 minutes to gather up all the random mess and shove it in the spare bedroom that we never use. It doesn't exactly solve the problem... but it's a quick fix! :)

  2. I think there should be a clutter pass when there is a new baby. We do dishes maybe, if we're lucky, 3 days a week. It bothered me at first, but if it means I get a few minutes to spend with my family then I'll procrastinate.

    I have a friend who lives in chicago, which I think is where you are, who is a nanny. She also has a son that is about a year old. I realize she's just as much a stranger to you as I am, but I can give you her information if you think you might be interested in talking to her.

    I hope things settle back in for you soon. Sofia is such a sweet little thing and your photography is beautiful.

  3. Hey! We've never met before (hello, internet..) but Nicole Ruiz recommended your blog to me. I'm a nanny in Chicago (I'm pretty sure that's where you're located, too, right?), and have a ton of (amazing, reliable, responsible) sitter friends - if you want me to reach out to them let me know! They come highly recommended. :) sarahvanloon01 at gmail dot com

    Good luck! Sorry for the sitter stress :(

  4. @ashley - thank you ma'am!

    @katherine - i appreciate your stories about the clutter. it really sucks so bad sometimes, we have to get it under control... and makes me wish we still had that spare bedroom!! (now HER room accumulates the mess lol)

    @carrie - CARUCKS! Haha! Oh man i love internet friends. first of all, thank you- and I will definitely need to reach out to that nanny. We need a "plan b" for when things go awry. I didn't know you had a blog, I'm totally going to peek now! :)

    @sarah - nice to meet you, thanks for swinging by! I appreciate the recommendation and I'll definitely email for her contact info and thanks so much for reaching out!! :)

  5. Haha, instagram! I have a blog but I'm not very good about posting so I can't really say that I'm much of a blogger. I'm trying to post more.

  6. You are very welcome! I want one for myself even if it's meant for babies! haha and ps. your hair is really growin girl!

  7. I wish we lived closer!!!! I would totally watch the sugar plum any time you needed. I don't have any friends that work that far out of the city so I can't help there. What I can say is try your best to find a friend of a friend or a personal recommendation before taking the plunge of looking online. Another stay at home mom or a education student are always good bets. The clutter is totally out of hand here and just when i think I get a handle on one pile, room, area I turn around and see the rest of the house :( Hang in there sweetie, by the looks of that little sweeties smile you are doing everything just right!!