by - Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm so incredibly happy I was able to snag a few hours of this girl's time today.  It means a lot when I have those moments with friends and I just get to be myself sans-baby for a minute.  The day was dreary, relaxed and filled with great food from Toast.  Can you tell we like this place?  We found tons of inspiration for our apartment therapy over at west elm and then may or may not have stopped at a Lush store.  Just saying.  I mean, how could you not?  I hope to have more days like this because as much as I love my beautiful, teething daughter it's nice to take those short breaks every once and a while.  Renewed, restored, refreshed.

you can find abby over at Abby In The Arts for more great reading.

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  1. it was BEYOND good to spend time with you today : )

    also i was gonna spout on how much i hate my face but i know you will yell at me. so. i'm just gonna pout in a corner. *points* that one over there.

  2. I love your face. Quiet, you!

  3. Besides being totally jealous of you guys, I love how Abby's outfit perfectly coordinates with the restaurant's decor. SRSLY.

  4. aww jeals! but seriously Katherine is right Abby its like your psychic! or just stylish? haha I'm gonna go with both. And Kate is right too. Lurve your face! S'true.

  5. Aw looks like you guys had lots of fun! and I agree its nice to be baby less sometimes lol!