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I'm woken up at 8:30AM daily to the cutest, most painful fistful of my neck caught between the fingers of an adorable 7 month old girl.  Sofia now figures out that by grabbing on with full force and pulling toward her mouth, she can get anything her little heart desires

Holy cow.  Can I just start off by saying this has been one of the funnest months we've had so far?  Cuz it has been. Sofia has been skilled, yes SKILLED I tell you, at using those tiny paws of hers lately.  Whether it means waking me up in the morning, grabbing for my boobs, grabbing the spoon out of my hand (or water bottle I'm drinking) the girl knows what she wants, darnit.  It's been hilarious to see her scootch across the floor reaching as hard as she can to try and get the toy that happens to be so ironically just out of reach.

My Current Stats:
Weight: 20lbs
Teeth: none
Hair: longer
Tricks: sitting up by myself

We're closer than we've ever been to getting Sofia to sit alone without me having to be nearby.  She's been getting really good at it, but I still don't trust her enough to walk away.  One of the funniest things Erick and I have noticed her doing lately happens as she gets frustrated... she'll be laying on her stomach looking at her toys, realize she can't grab onto the one that she wants and then consequently bury her face in her blanket and mumble something along to herself as loud as she can.  We were laughing so hard that now, this is a funny game.  She'll say something into the blanket, we laugh, then she laughs.  Cause and effect.  It's happening.  ALL OVER THE PLACE.



Gosh, little lady.  You sure are becoming your own adorable little person.  I love you.

** PS- little adorbs owl plush was made for Sof by a good friend and you can find them here!


  1. I love that owl plush and she is so cute! I love her little smile. Alyson didn't get her first teeth for a while and she got like 4 all within 2 weeks.

    Love, Jazmyn

  2. Oh my her smile is amazing!! What a cutie! and I love that owl plush, your friend did a beautiful job making it!

  3. Thanks girls! Yeah, I can't wait to see what else she makes... she's just getting started!


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