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If you can tell by these photos how messy our house is, I'm sorry.  I've realized that even though it seems like it shouldn't matter, clutter really effects your inner calm and happiness.  We've got a lot of cleaning to do but as you've noticed- usually for two days over the course of the weekend through Tuesday- I'm never on the blog.  Childcare for us right now has been split graciously between both Erick and I's parents, and that means on Sunday and Monday when my family watches Sofia, we have to stay the night since they live so far away.  It's not the easiest arrangement for any of us right now, but hey.  At least its free.

This is the first time we've ever run into a problem where we can't find a sitter this week, and it has me stressed out to the max.  They changed my schedule at work to a day I'm not normally on, so everyone we usually have watch her already has something planned.  I'm not sure I feel comfortable enough looking…


Find all of these goodies over at

(1. Boon stash / 2. Hip Skop Bee lunch / 3. Wooden block / 4. Bloom High Chair in Kiwi / 5. Prince Lionheart Wheelie / 6. Urban Spoons)


And... she's off.

Sofia has recently perfected her army crawl on our hardwood floors.  Ever since this newfound talent, she's been getting into all sorts of things that she shouldn't be getting into: doorstoppers, mama's shoes, the AppleTV, instruction manuals and loads of other things we have laying around the apartment.  Guess this means it's time to clean and organize our knick-knacks.  Babyproofing and I have a date this weekend.



I know many of you might recognize this face right away.
It's unmistakable.  And also very beautiful.
I'm so pleased to be featuring Abby from Abby In The Arts on this week's Goal Setting:  Abby and I just had the opportunity to spend some time together recently outside of work, and I really cherish those experiences and memories we have together.  Abby has singlehandedly taught me about the ins-and-outs of life, creating tiny nervous systems (ha!), and just being a great friend in general.  She's a fantastic designer, knitter, baker, and really- a jack of all trades.  She can light up a room and make you double over in laughter. Her energy is infectious and I hope we remain close for years to come.

I've got some fantastic new people lined up for next week's feature, 
and just as a reminder, anyone is free to join in on the fun of sharing
your goals for the new year.  Submit your entry here.


I'm so incredibly happy I was able to snag a few hours of this girl's time today.  It means a lot when I have those moments with friends and I just get to be myself sans-baby for a minute.  The day was dreary, relaxed and filled with great food from Toast.  Can you tell we like this place?  We found tons of inspiration for our apartment therapy over at west elm and then may or may not have stopped at a Lush store.  Just saying.  I mean, how could you not?  I hope to have more days like this because as much as I love my beautiful, teething daughter it's nice to take those short breaks every once and a while.  Renewed, restored, refreshed.

you can find abby over at Abby In The Arts for more great reading.


Being healthier, living on a budget and getting serious about it this time has been going... a lot better than I thought!  I don't want to get too excited too soon, I still have to make this a habit but I wanted to share that I've been making a conscious effort that has (so far) been working.

Today's lunch as pictured:  sourdough loaf toasted with avocado, cream cheese spread, dressed greens with lime and olive oil, cucumbers and sea salt.  And of course a granny smith apple to top it all off.


Erick came home early sick and has barely been out of bed all day. Sofia is also extra tired, which I'm sure is from these stubborn teeth refusing to cut through.
The upside to this day is we've made cinnamon rolls and have enjoyed a quick family nap.  It's been a while since we've had the opportunity to all catch a short afternoon sleep just the three of us.


Lots of little pieces from my janphotoaday challenge.  For anyone that hasn't had the opportunity this month to join in on the fun, I know Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim has already set up a challenge for  February too!  Hurray!  I really can't believe I've stuck with it this long, I have to say I'm rather proud of myself.  Haha.

PS!  anyone looking to be friends on instagram, search for my user "mamadela" or visit my stream on the web.


We have a lot of awesome people born in the month of January, that's for sure: my husband, my dad, and Erick's godson Diego!  Just a quick sketch up I made for this crayola-loving superhero.  :)


Hey everyone!  We hope you have an awesome weekend!  We've got big birthday plans with Erick and Diego and then we're off to Justina's baby shower on Sunday.  I'll be back to my regular posting schedule this week including awesome new ideas For Mama/For Baby, a new Goal Setting, and possibly another photo shoot!  For anyone in Chicagoland area, make sure you're careful if you're out and about in the crazy snow out there.

THE BIG 2-5!

(  fuji instax wide  )

I love this guy more than anything and I always, always will.  So happy we're spending our lives together.  Erick, Babe (and yes I'm one of those terrible people that calls my hubby "Babe") I hope you are joyous, successful, and renewed in this upcoming year.  I love you a million times over!


It's safe to say I learned something today. Something that maybe I should have already known, but for the sake of convenience I just always choose the other option.
Film will always be more beautiful than the instant gratification of a digital file, and you should always go get your film processed somewhere nicer than Walgreens.
Lessons learned.

(first photo of me taken by Erick.)


Still haven't gotten over my $11, (yes $11!!) purchase at Forever a few weeks ago.  I've been living in these bronze colored oxfords.  They're so comfortable, and seem to jazz up any outfit I'm wearing!  I even wore them to my photoshoot with Justina out in the snow... maybe not a good idea?

Find a similar pair here!


I'm so happy to be featuring another good friend of mine, Ashley on the blog today for Goal Setting.  I've known this girl pretty much since I've started at the job I'm at and we've had nothing but good times!  She definitely helped me get through a lot of my past pregnancy melt-downs, and can definitely rock a dance floor.
In case you missed it, she recently featured a short documentary on Erick, Sofia and I right here.  I wish nothing but the best for you in 2012, and look forward to visiting you down in Orlando this summer ;)
**  I actually just got word from Ashley that Disney isn't doing an internship this year.  Bummer!  Everyone over at DASJ still wishes you great things in 2012 and look forward to your sewing adventures!

Just a reminder, if you want to be featured on the blog, submit your entry right here!  It's been so much fun to share our goals, hopes, and dreams for this new year together.  - kate


I love these people.  Super glad Omar (Justina's man) was able to step out for a few minutes so we could get a few of pics of the two soon-to-be three of them!