by - Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today's breakfast consisted of rice cereal and ripe bananas.

One thing I've learned with her breakfast foods is:
Cereal without bananas = yuck.  Cereal with bananas = awesome.

Sofia has been doing great with her baby food ever since we started, I'm so proud of her!  I was just talking about how funny it is that with most babies you'll have to do the, "here comes the birdie/airplane brrrrr brrrrr" thing to get them to open their mouths.  With Sofia, it's the exact opposite.  She will SCREAM if you don't shovel the food in her mouth fast enough.  Ready and waiting.  Aggressive eater.  (I wonder where she gets that from).

I've been meaning to post more of Sofia's meals on the blog for any of you going through the same thing and wondering what types of foods are suitable for a 6 month old.  We still breastfeed at morning and in the evening but make sure she has at least 2-3 "real-people" meals a day now.  I think she's an adventurous little eater.  I can't wait to share more complex meals when she gets older!

Right now we're all about simple food combinations and itty-bitty bite sized portions.  :)

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