Saturday, December 17, 2011


Over the weekend we-- put up our christmas lights, watched movie trailers on iTunes, bought groceries (including kale- I'm nervous!!) cleaned the apartment, took a photo for our cards and have gotten a little closer to finally checking everyone off of the 'ole Christmas list.  I always put too much stress on myself when I wait until the last minute to do everything, but seeing as how it happens every year, I guess it's safe to say I haven't learned my lesson yet. ;)



  1. i'll give you my mother's recipe on monday for kale! and then you can decide whatever you wanna do. BUT MAKE KALE CHIPS! haha

  2. I've put kale in soup before. I made something similar to zoupa toscana that they have at the olive garden, if you've ever had that. It turned out really good!

  3. How cute are those little leggings in the that photo? I've just found your lovely blog and now I'm your newest follower and thought I should say hi. So ... hi! Kellie xx

  4. Hey! Nice to meet you! :D Thanks for stopping by!


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