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This beauty is Erick's Bronica.  I've been taking photos here and there but don't have too much experience with 120 film yet.  I'm curious as to how other film photographers-- Becka?  Ryan? -- how long of an ordeal is it to not only getting your film developed professionally but scanned in for use on the web?  I don't have my own negative scanner and it just seems like a long process.  Is it worth it?  I feel like it is, I know I can't pull myself away from the tugs of beautiful film portraits.  Do any of you readers every shot or experimented with film photography?  I'll tell you- there is nothing like popping in some Kodak Portra 400 and seeing what you end up with.  That's really the fun in it, you know?  The waiting, the excitment... learning a little patience in this instant-gratification world.


  1. My husband and I inherited an old Leica from my Grandpa this year. We've not finished up the first roll of film we put in it yet, but we can't wait to see how it turns out! We purchased a 35mm negative scanner oniine:

    It's nice because you can feed the film through one side and "advance" it using a knob out the other side. Most other affordable scanners we looked at had to be cut down strips of negatives, but this one lets you use full rolls of exposed film. The only down side is that it scans it in at 4x3, so to fit the whole image you'll have to scan it twice and stitch them together in photoshop. But if you just want to quickly take preview scans of everything, then you can choose which photos to go back and scan twice.

    Sorry for the long explanation! We're excited to see what kind of photos come out of that amazing looking camera!

  2. It's not that big of an ordeal if you can find a local lab. We have one in Orlando that is pretty good and develops medium format film. They also scan it if you want but Nate and I have a scanner so we can do it ourself from the negatives if we want.

    If you don't have a nearby lab you should look into Richard Photo Lab. They are one of the best in the country and (while pricey) they do a really great job and you can ship your film to them and they'll send you an ftp link of your scans which is fun because you can see them before you get your physical prints/negatives back. :)

    Hope that helps! Happy medium format shooting!


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