by - Monday, December 26, 2011

My dearest Sofia, yesterday was your very first Christmas!  We spent the night at your Grandma's house with your littlest aunts and had so much fun opening presents.  Mommy couldn't believe how well you could rip that paper up and grab for your gifts out of bags!  You were able to see your aunties and all of your cousins that you don't see that often, and you even cheered on D-Rose as the Bulls won their Christmas game in the last quarter!  I can't get over just how good of a girl you are and how happy, aware, and sweet you are.  You are the most perfect daughter and I couldn't be more overjoyed watching you experience the magic of giving this season.

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  1. Such great pictures! Sofia is so adorable! I love her Christmas dress and headband, so cute!!

  2. i talk about Sof all the time so i'm not gonna gush. but. i forgot how amazing your husbands HAIR is. HAHAHA! it's AMAZING! like i'm jealous hahah which means i'm gonna totally be jealous of Sof's hair... she obviously has no choice but to have ILLUSTRIOUS hair.

    why was this entire comment about hair.

  3. HAHAH! I know!! Erick hates his hair... i'm totally gonna slap him because its obviously AMAZING. So luscious.