Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hey guys!  Erick and I have been super busy wrapping up a couple of freelance jobs and working non-stop.  It's really going to be great to finally be done with everything and get more time to start creating these projects I've had sitting in the back of my mind for forever now.  Speaking of having more time- I have a lot to share about a big decision I made.  I can't wait to tell you.  

What are your weekend plans for this chilly November Saturday?  Anything exciting?

I'm pretty content with those chubby cheeks and a nice plate of quiche (thanks to my new-found confidence from my bake date with Abby!)  I'm just so amused that you can put almost anything into this amazing egg pie and its just. sooo. good.



  1. Lol it's not too chilly here in California it's 67° right now and it's supposed to get to 72° later. I wish it would hurry up and get colder here though!! We just have plans to go hopefully replace my phone that keeps freezing on me and restarting and then try and find my daughter a peacoat for winter. Not too much going on here. Good luck with those freelance jobs!! :)

    Petit Monstree

  2. Mmm a quiche sounds so yummy right now! Seeing your pictures of Chicago really make me miss it there!

  3. @jennifer- its beautiful here, but it's cold.

    @jazmyn- um. can I PLEASE come visit in Cali?! ;) that sounds amazing right now.

  4. baby legs. they get me every time :)


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