by - Thursday, October 06, 2011

I didn't run to post anything about the news yesterday because honestly, I couldn't hold myself together.  I was choked up with tears regarding the news of his passing and still find myself trying to collect my thoughts around it all.  This company has done nothing but completely transformed my life, and feel honored to work for them every day.  I think about how much the future has already been touched by Steve- education, music, technology, entertainment, special needs accessibility... the list goes on and on.  We will always carry his vision with us.  It will always exist.

My journey started in the fall of '09.  I was in a bad spot in my life, trapped in a relationship with a man that didn't believe in me, and ultimately unhappy living my every day life.  Then, I had the genius idea that I could somehow work for the company that I've loved since I'd been a little girl.  I made it happen.  Through Apple I've made some of the best friends that I've ever had, I've finally felt accepted to be the crazy, passionate "dreamer" that I've always been, and it has cultivated a generation where anything is possible.  I met my husband through this company.  We fell in love and had a baby, who is now my entire life, my entire world...  I know it seems cheesy, but I can't stop thinking about it that way.  This man who will never know how much he's impacted my life, and we've never once met, but it feels like he will always be Uncle Steve.

Sofia, known to our Apple friends as the "iBaby" will most definitely know of him that way.  I'm going to make sure she knows that the iPad she's learning to read with, and the iPhone she FaceTimes with her Papa on are all because of the single greatest innovator I've ever known.  Uncle Steve.  Thank you a million times over for what you've made possible, for everything you've taught us, and for always following your heart.  You've put in so much to this company, and it has done nothing but selflessly give back to the world.  Enriching lives.  I'm proud to say that I get to do that every day.

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