by - Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Well we all know that vegans are freaks, but as Cherise Grifoni says, "even zombies and humans can coexist at the dinner table".  The minute I read the opening line of her new book, I knew I liked this girl!  So, what's the deal?  Am I going crazy vegan?  Am I really giving up bacon, hot dogs, and chicken wings?  The quick answer is no.  The more realistic answer is, I'm trying to be healthier and eat a little lighter and a little cleaner.  I have felt so exhausted, so run down and so... dense?  Haha.  Is that even a real feeling?  I don't know, but it sure felt like it to me lately.  I'm slow and I'm weighed down.  I know I'm not giving my body the proper fuel it needs to make it through the workweek, produce breast milk, or have enough energy to be a mom to my near 5 month old.  

Burning good fuel (aka wholesome, clean food) will make me feel better in the long run, lose the last 20 pounds of this baby weight, and maybe even feel more well-rested.  I really couldn't get over how disgusting I felt this week, yet looking back I had eaten three hot dogs, a burger, chicken breasts, massive amounts of dairy, caffeine and steak tacos.  I really... am in no way... receiving ANY nutrients from the crap that I have been eating right now.  Would I want my daughter to eat the way I do?  Hell no.

I'm making a change, a gradual change, but a change I know I can commit to.  The only reason I know this is because I'm going "flex".  Did you really think I would ever give up my bacon forever?!!  No way.  Moderation here is key, and I want the majority of what I eat to be the good stuff.  I can treat my body better than I have been, we all can.  

What do you guys think about being a "part-time" vegan?  Is the idea just too absurd?  Is it hypocritical?  For me, it was the right option.  I knew if I had to give up the foods that I loved forever and cold turkey, it would never happen.  By giving them up partially, and knowing to save that Buffalo Wild Wings trip for special occasions instead of a weekly routine, I'm allowing myself to get healthy, stay healthy, and be happy (not deprived!).  I'm doing it for me.

Now where were we, zombies?   
....  GRAINNNNSSS!!!!  (get it!?) 

Book reference, sorry.  :)

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