by - Saturday, October 15, 2011

This is one of those weekends.

The weekend where I don't see my husband on our day off together.

Sometimes I really hate change. I hate when I get so used to the luxury of a Saturday together and then for whatever reason we pick up a shift at work, or have somewhere else to be.   I ate brunch with Sofia alone.  They brought my hazelnut latte and I sipped it slower than normal, staring at the empty seat across from me.  I thought about how limited Erick and I's days together really are right now. I thought about when the last time was that we even took a night off, a night out, sipping micheladas over a noisy crowd and laughing at our own jokes. 

I know we'll get there.

As it gets closer to the holidays, it only spirals busier and busier out of control, so we may as well plan ahead. Which reminds me- I have a great post to write about planning. (and we all know I'm not very good at that...)  Thanks for continuing to stop by, it means a lot that people actually want to read about what's happening in my life and how I'm adjusting to motherhood.  It's been a crazy ride.

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