by - Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gosh I love family day.  I think if it weren't for our Saturdays all together I would completely go insane.  Today we enjoyed brunch at a new spot up in Edgewater called M.Henry.  Suuuper delish.  I recommend the key-lime tarts, bliss cakes, and the house-brewed lattes.  We spent the rest of our day walking around outside in the (beautiful) semi-fall Chicago weather.  After we got our fill of the Northside we headed to Whole Foods and spent the greater part of two hours in there.  I love that store. I really do.  Did you all have a great weekend?  What's your perfect Saturday?

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  1. oh hai! i'm gonna assume that yarn shot was for me. hahaha

    hey! i miss you. like major.

    i also love that you have a family day. but it produces an ache in me. can't wait til i can haz family.

    in the meantime i love all of yours! : )

  2. DUDE. Ask Erick I ran into the yarn store (windy knitty) proclaiming, "ooooh abby would love this! i have to take a picture!!!" True. Story.

  3. best. name for a yarn shop. EVER! LOVE IT!!! haha