by - Sunday, August 14, 2011

For the past few months I've realized I've had an incredibly hard time remembering to live in the moment.  When we don't live in the moment, all we do is worry about what our future holds, what we could have changed in the past, and in turn, we lose sight of all the countless, amazing things that happen every day in our present lives.

Yesterday night was one of the last nights that I could see all of my very best friends before they end up leaving for colleges far away/different COUNTRIES.  Even one of my good friends that moved to Texas was going to be there!  I was so stoked!  All these amazing women were the ones I learned to hoop with, had some of the best times of my life with, and are basically my sisters from another mister.  Well, so many things have placed us in different states and cities it was hard to see each other all the time, that fact alone still makes me sad... and well, some of us even got married and had babies... *ahem*... (like you all have ANY idea who that was.)

These girls were meeting my husband for the first time, and we were all generally enjoying each other's company and jamming out with our LED hoops after the rainstorm.  It was so amazing- not to even mention that it's been nearly a year since I've been back in the circle!  The best part about last night was that I remembered exactly why I love hooping so much and why it's not just a silly hobby to me.  It grounds me, it quiets that chatter in my head.  When I am spinning in circles, the only thing that matters is that moment in time, feeling the flow of the music as the lights flash around me.  I look around and see my best friends spinning circles, little three year old girls trying it out for the first time, even grown adults giving it a whirl-- it brings people so much joy.  It's weird.  And you know when you have to be really focused?  When you're spinning with fire.


Not joking.  Fire is amazingly loud when you're whipping it past your body, it's warm, and it's blinding.  When you hoop with fire, you really cannot see anything around you except for the six wicks that are burning.  My friend Christine had an awesome plan, that if we saw one another catch on fire to yell "pineapple" (our safe word) and we'd drop the hoop and our safety would run over with the wet towel.  Exciting, right?  It's pretty hard to explain the exhilarating feeling you get when you're hooping, but I know now exactly why I need to get back in shape and back in the circle.  It's my place to let go of stress.  It's my place to remember who, exactly, I am.

First Burn of Summer from Kate Votta on Vimeo. PRESS THE HD BUTTON!
Getting back into the groove of things. Music by Lali Puna.

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  1. you are quite possibly the coolest person i've ever met. you're AMAZING.

  2. WHAT?! FIRE?!?! You are so badass. And that video was seriously memorizing. Googling Lali Puna now.