by - Monday, August 22, 2011

For all you working mamas out there, I totally get where you're coming from.  It is such a bittersweet feeling to be able to 'do my part' in providing for my family.  I just went from a schedule where they were going to "ease me back" into working full time, to then... boom. 40+ hours. Overtime. Train commute and a busted car window.  It's been a crazy week!

As hard as it is to manage spending so much time away from my daughter and still making the commitment to continue to breastfeed, I feel so fulfilled with my job.    I'd have to say the part I love the most is how heavy my workload is.  You'd think the opposite right?  I did too.  After all I've been through lately, in my head I feel like I'd rather just lay low and not do a lot.  Slack off.  But as good as all that sounded in my head, slacking off doesn't fare well with boredom.  Actually, it encourages it.  I'm the type of person ( like a lot of you out there ) that gets bored reeeeeally easily, so being able to constantly have something to do with pressure, deadlines, responsibility, and the ability to be a point of contact for people has been a really great change.  I'm digging this.

I know there has been a lack of photos, the 60d is currently being babysat by some family members in Plainfield because someone accidentally forgot it there after Sofia's baptism party (whoops!) We will have more up soon of miss babycakes, I just wanted to make sure I let you readers know that we're doing everything we can right now.  We're taking the time to work really hard, earn money, enjoy our daughter and each other.  We're working on side projects, we're having a lot of late nights, we're trying to squeeze in moments to design, to paint, and sometimes just to sit down on the couch and catch up on Master Chef.  This is life now, it's different in a million crazy little ways.  We're learning to appreciate things as they come.  To do what we can in the moment.

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