Friday, June 24, 2011

sofia is three weeks old.

i'm so sad that i wasn't able to take her real three week pictures yet, erick has the 60d today.  yet, why am i still calling it 'the' 60d when it is rightfully his? oh i don't know.  i just really need to buy my own camera, and the thought of buying anything in that price range irks me a little bit right now.

but the bigger problem is that if we don't get moving on these newborn pictures/birth announcements we definitely wont be able to put her in all of these adorably impossible poses (sorry, baby!) for much longer.  really.  i cannot be-LEIVE how fast these little things grow-- literally-- overnight.  i woke up the other day and thought to myself her cheeks were bigger.  i looked at a picture on my iphone that i sent to my mom and even she was like, 'awww looookittt! so chubby!'  see?  instant validation.  

sofia, i love you.  you're getting bigger.  it's freaking me out.  


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