pancakes for breakfast & our first bath.

by - Saturday, June 25, 2011

i apologize in advance for the iPhone photos, still didn't take the nicer camera out for the day.  we woke up and were able to make it to toast in wicker park as a family.  today they had these seasonal and amazing peach pancakes that i kindly asked to be turned into a three-way pancake orgy.  yes, that's really what it's called on toast's menu, i promise.  (for some reason i always blush when i even think about typing it... is that bad?)  

after breakfast we stopped over at whole foods, which i absolutely love!  if you have never experienced the magic that is the gigantic whole foods near you, i suggest going over and taking a nice, long visit.  their stuff is seriously great.  i almost, ALMOST, forgot how much i had missed whole foods... it's a luxury now to be able to get up north and fight traffic to shop there, but once we did, it was sure worth it.  we're trying this natural gripe water to help sofia's fussies at night, and to top it all off, i may have found another alternative-- i'm currently testing it out so i'll let you know how this night goes! 

ok, you're curious? so the possible new alternative to her crazy unsettled self was giving her a bath.  well, gee.  shouldn't i have figured this out already? hear me out.  it was not just a solo bath i'm talking about because she's already had plenty of baths on her own, but a bath together!  just her and her mama.  let me tell you- it was a complete success.  if babies had looks of content-ness, love and happiness this would have been it. watching sofia instinctively know how to float with her arms and legs spread wide, staring and breathing relaxed in my arms was a moment unlike any other i've had in my life.  have you noticed that becoming a theme around here lately?  marriage and babies truly give you these experiences you just cant get any other way.

so, that was our day.  pretty great.  and i can hardly type the rest of this entry right now because i'm laughing so hard, i need to give you all this visual:  i'm lying on my belly with my laptop in bed, and sofia is napping in the middle of the bed beside me.  as i've typed, she has somehow kept scooting herself silently closer and closer to me to the point where she is now spooning with my arm.  are newborns drawn to body heat?  *someone wants to cuddle*  i take it this is my cue to leave for the night!

sofia, you may LOOK like your papa, but your personality is all mama.

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  1. First off: Love how you said "is that baaaaad?" did you do that on purpose? Did you do that for me and Abby? Secondly those pancakes look so amazing. Thirdly you need to have erick take a photo of her spooning your arm cause that sounds adorbz! Love, Ashley

  2. at 5mos, we finally did the "mother son bath" this weekend, too. and it was the most peaceful wonderful thing ever.