by - Sunday, June 19, 2011

i apologize for how busy we've been over here lately.  our little girl wants nothing to do with anything throughout the day other than being in mine our her papa's arms.  she loves to cuddle. we don't mind.  :)

i've been finishing the last rounds of thank yous (yes, still. that's what happens when babies come early...) and my desk is a disaster area.  i've also been thinking a lot about opening an etsy shop.  its going to be a long endeavor with lots of planning but it's something i've always wanted to do. what are your 'someday' plans?  are you ever going to try and live them out?

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  1. Hipster Houswives! So excited for this!

  2. Hipster Houswives! So excited for this!

  3. Seriously, if I started a list of my 'someday' plans, it would never end.

    The thank-yous are super cute!!

  4. they're adorable! great work.