Thursday, June 30, 2011

inspiration: urban romanticism.

goose island, chicago 2011
soft subdued colors, blurry movement, bits and pieces of romantic style.


Monday, June 27, 2011

quick snacks.

now this isn't the kind of corn you get by where i live, this looks much more put together!  over here they serve it in cups all mixed up and messy.  either way, it's the perfect summer snack.  find the link to this recipe here!

inspiration 6.27.11

Image credits: 1. Red Poppies, 2. PRIMOEZA Studio, 3. Untitled, 4. #4 Gheisha
Blog credits:  Creature Comforts


Saturday, June 25, 2011

pancakes for breakfast & our first bath.

i apologize in advance for the iPhone photos, still didn't take the nicer camera out for the day.  we woke up and were able to make it to toast in wicker park as a family.  today they had these seasonal and amazing peach pancakes that i kindly asked to be turned into a three-way pancake orgy.  yes, that's really what it's called on toast's menu, i promise.  (for some reason i always blush when i even think about typing it... is that bad?)  

after breakfast we stopped over at whole foods, which i absolutely love!  if you have never experienced the magic that is the gigantic whole foods near you, i suggest going over and taking a nice, long visit.  their stuff is seriously great.  i almost, ALMOST, forgot how much i had missed whole foods... it's a luxury now to be able to get up north and fight traffic to shop there, but once we did, it was sure worth it.  we're trying this natural gripe water to help sofia's fussies at night, and to top it all off, i may have found another alternative-- i'm currently testing it out so i'll let you know how this night goes! 

ok, you're curious? so the possible new alternative to her crazy unsettled self was giving her a bath.  well, gee.  shouldn't i have figured this out already? hear me out.  it was not just a solo bath i'm talking about because she's already had plenty of baths on her own, but a bath together!  just her and her mama.  let me tell you- it was a complete success.  if babies had looks of content-ness, love and happiness this would have been it. watching sofia instinctively know how to float with her arms and legs spread wide, staring and breathing relaxed in my arms was a moment unlike any other i've had in my life.  have you noticed that becoming a theme around here lately?  marriage and babies truly give you these experiences you just cant get any other way.

so, that was our day.  pretty great.  and i can hardly type the rest of this entry right now because i'm laughing so hard, i need to give you all this visual:  i'm lying on my belly with my laptop in bed, and sofia is napping in the middle of the bed beside me.  as i've typed, she has somehow kept scooting herself silently closer and closer to me to the point where she is now spooning with my arm.  are newborns drawn to body heat?  *someone wants to cuddle*  i take it this is my cue to leave for the night!

sofia, you may LOOK like your papa, but your personality is all mama.

Friday, June 24, 2011

sofia is three weeks old.

i'm so sad that i wasn't able to take her real three week pictures yet, erick has the 60d today.  yet, why am i still calling it 'the' 60d when it is rightfully his? oh i don't know.  i just really need to buy my own camera, and the thought of buying anything in that price range irks me a little bit right now.

but the bigger problem is that if we don't get moving on these newborn pictures/birth announcements we definitely wont be able to put her in all of these adorably impossible poses (sorry, baby!) for much longer.  really.  i cannot be-LEIVE how fast these little things grow-- literally-- overnight.  i woke up the other day and thought to myself her cheeks were bigger.  i looked at a picture on my iphone that i sent to my mom and even she was like, 'awww looookittt! so chubby!'  see?  instant validation.  

sofia, i love you.  you're getting bigger.  it's freaking me out.  


self esteem & being a mom.

i'll admit it.  as amazing as this whole experience has been, there have definitely been some high 'highs' and low 'lows'.  it wouldn't be fair if i was unhonestly upbeat every single day, right?  sometimes you just feel off, and if i didn't share how i get myself out of these slumps, i wouldn't be doing any of you future mamas out there any favor by holding back.  i feel the need to share with the world that there is just something that happens to your self esteem as a women during and after childbirth.  it's a pretty crazy feeling.  you feel absolutely on top of the world after PUSHING a BABY out of your VAGINA. seriously. you feel like a superhero, and you feel pretty accomplished-- because, let's face it, how do those things even fit through there? after giving birth you are self-assured and you're higher than life; you are surrounded with the intoxicatingly yummy smell that all babies, but especially your baby has.

then, you go home.

you look in the mirror, you might even scowl in disgrace.  perhaps begin to realize that your stomach is nearly identical to the deflated "it's a girl" balloon sitting on the floor?  why, yes.  that does sound somewhat familiar. holy crap, guys! it was hard walking past the mirror those first few days home.  that newly acquired, 'i am woman hear me roar' mentality from labor is completely replaced with the ever so lovely, 'i'm disgusting and i need sleep' mantra.  and i'm sure i said it about 300 times a day, too.  that couldn't have possibly been any more enjoyable for other people to hear let alone beating myself up over and over.

the weight slowly started falling off more and more each day when i remembered that it had only been three weeks since my body has gone through the most intense thing that it will probably ever do.  yeah, i was being too hard on myself.  and something that scared me into snapping out of this funk more than anything was my own daughter.  what would she think?  what would she grow up to know?  would she hear her own mother looking at herself in the mirror saying she was 'disgusting' or 'fat' or 'needed long hair to be pretty'... i was ashamed.  the truth is, pretty has nothing to do with the physical length of your hair (as much, AS MUCH as i think that it does) or your pants size.  beauty is confidence.  it's all in the way you hold your head up.  i don't ever want my daughter to feel like she isn't the most gorgeous girl i have ever laid eyes on, because she is.  i want her to hold her head up higher than anyone, to be crazy, to wear different colored socks... or hell, even think that it's a great idea to wear a men's tie over her t-shirt or stack those jelly bracelets and studs all the way up her arms.  you know, convince me to dye her hair blue or something and she can pretend she's avril lavigne.  oh, wait...  none of you ever did that in high school?  *sigh*

the point is,  i went through some incredibly awkward phases my entire life, but i didn't care what people thought.  why now?  childbirth is beautiful, and confidence is everything.  sofia and i will wake up late at 1pm, eat our cocoa puffs, smile in the full length mirror with our bedhead and morning breath and proclaim to the world... yeah, we look good today. 


Thursday, June 23, 2011

i'll be seeing this girl today.  along with my sister.  hoping the weather stays manageable, that we get some good late night sun-setting light, and that I don't miss Sofia too much.  (which is proving to be harder and harder).  also, why can't newborns hug you?  wouldn't that be the best.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

whew!  this momma is exhausted.  we just finished up some of the product shots for the new line, we'll be doing a full shoot on thursday and i'm praying for some nice weather.  can you spot the littlest headwrap wearer of them all?  i'm so glad i was able to quickly snap one of her too.  alright, off to grill up some yummies and get back to this beautiful baby of mine.  check back for more on penelope, i have a feeling these wraps will be big!


free printables to tide you over until i'm back! i'll be busy shooting the first round of product shots for penelope's petals today.  these airline tags would be so perfect for gifts or any kind of crafty project you might undertake and in fact, I have a whole site full of printables for you.  i know, i know.  thank me later.  check out the print me free board over on pinterest.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

i apologize for how busy we've been over here lately.  our little girl wants nothing to do with anything throughout the day other than being in mine our her papa's arms.  she loves to cuddle. we don't mind.  :)

i've been finishing the last rounds of thank yous (yes, still. that's what happens when babies come early...) and my desk is a disaster area.  i've also been thinking a lot about opening an etsy shop.  its going to be a long endeavor with lots of planning but it's something i've always wanted to do. what are your 'someday' plans?  are you ever going to try and live them out?


Thursday, June 16, 2011

When we re-do and bless our wedding vows sometime next year, I hope it can be something like this.  We'll be blessed in the church, but hoping that we can find an outdoorsy place to have friends and family out to eat/dance/take photos.  In love with the whole vibe this couple gives off.  Gorgeous photography by Braedon.

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.

And can you spot the headpiece from Moorea-Seal?  Super pretty.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

officially started my workout plan today.  one day down, 8 weeks to go.  also- jamba juice makes freezer smoothies which of course we bought at costco yesterday.

Monday, June 13, 2011

really beautiful handmade stationary from the talented amber lee of giver's log.  yep- just another reason to long for my own letterpress machine and an endless supply of soft and pretty paper.  someday?


Sunday, June 12, 2011

today our family was able to enjoy a nice day in oak brook for a quick shopping run and some dinner at basai thai.  the weather was great.  the thai food kept me on the toilet all night.


Friday, June 10, 2011

very excited about our brand new addition to the family. just a short and sweet video of our newborn enjoying herself in the sunlight by the window.


Thursday, June 09, 2011

now that mommy doesn't have to use it to sleep anymore, she found a new use for her boppy pillow.  it works great as something to prop you up and take pretty pictures of while papa runs errands.  sneaky!


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

our little munchkin is one whole week old today!  time is flying by.  we really hope it decides to go a little slower from now on, but we are captivated by your growing changes!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I had to update to let you all know just how wonderful of friends we have.  This little girl is lucky to have Abby in her life.

today sofia and I are hanging around the house while papa does some stuff for summer school.  it's been a quiet morning filled with naps, french toast bake from Mom, a sunny nursery, and pretty flowers from all of our visitors this past week.

sofie shorts.

 Our little girl's first day out after we took her home from the hospital.
footage by erick. best papa ever.

Monday, June 06, 2011

first day out.

In the past five days we've spent time out in the sunshine, felt the warm summer breeze on our skin, soaked up time loving our friends and family, taken naps on our bed, and have been peed and pooped on by this little girl.  We couldn't imagine loving her any more, but somehow, it just keeps growing.

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