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by - Friday, May 27, 2011

Alright, so this is my fourth day in a row of waking up crazy early- (7:30!!) and if there is one thing that keeps a smile on my face it's knowing that the last few days haven't been a dream.  This is one hundred and fifty percent real, people.  I'm so happy.

I have a lot of running to do today, think I am going to hit up Oakbrook for a simple, pretty dress for our Saturday courthouse date and I may get some more organizational things for the desk.  Groceries are number two on the list- fridge has been pretty barren these past few days.  I feel bad for Erick.  This is where I need your help guys... I'm running out of ideas for quick meals!  We were watching our first set of childbirth class dvds and they talked about one early preliminary sign of labor being a "burst of energy" where I would just clean and cook and reorganize everything.  Well.... yeah.  I'm still waiting on that one.  The poor man just needs me to cook!

Hopefully if I get an early enough start today I'll be home in time to clean up a bit and get dinner started. What have been your go-to dinners lately?  It's getting harder and harder for me to come up with new ideas so I figured I would try and get some inspiration from you all. :)

- kate 

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  1. Manny and I made baked chicken (marinated in Mr. Stubb's chicken marinade), sprouted brown rice, and mini tandoori chicken samosas last night (made by Tandoor Oven--I think Trader Joe's has 'em). Just an idea! We don't make dinner together that often but when we do we make a feast haha.

  2. I tend to go with whatever PW suggests:

    These looked especially good:

  3. @ Jenny- haha me and erick definitely feast too!
    @ Nat- I am so making the sliders tonight!!

    You girls rock!!!!

  4. First of all, your story still makes me cry. :)

    Second, I have some recipes on my public folder if you want to check them out. I think I have the recipe for my grandma's green mole. If you try it and have questions give me a holler. I also have a great one for fideo. It's not that quick and easy, but it's delicious and it lasts a couple of days.

    Have a great day tomorrow!

  5. First of all CONGRATS! Love to you and Erick and sweet baby :) Thinking sunny thoughts and sending prayers for blessings tomorrow!!!

    Now for chow ideas:

    Both have simple + budget ideas = helpful!

    Love you!

  6. @ Rossie- oh my gosh MOLE!! Can't wait to try this out. I'll have to see if I know your public folder address...

    @ Jenna- I'll definitely take a peek at those websites too. Any budgeting is good ;)

    Can't believe so many of you responded, thank you all for your kind words and suggestions!