the next chapter.

by - Thursday, May 26, 2011

and it all started at this moment.

Please if you have the time, I'd love to tell you all a story.  I knew I was going to have a surprise happening for everyone soon, but I didn't even know how to expect a surprise for myself!  Part of me is still in shock so I'm hoping I can still be a good storyteller through this.  I guess I'll just have to write it out and go from there.

Yesterday was miserable-- it rained harder than I've seen it rain in a while.  All of these storms have been plummeting the midwestern states for the past two days and unfortunately, Illinois was no exception.  Right now I have been starting to enjoy the first three days into my maternity leave, the time for kicking your feet back and getting a chance to relax my pregnant body, yet every day I've woken up early.  Why?  Doctor's appointments, driving Erick to work (long story), and errand running.  I have a problem.  I just can't stop.

We had a nice break yesterday and Erick and I were able to catch Bridesmaids and some grub over in Willowbrook.  Getting out to catch a movie, let alone a nice dinner, is something that has been proving to be more of a rare occurrence lately with our busy schedules and not so hefty bank accounts.  And if you haven't seen Bridesmaids yet, I recommend seeing it-- it's fricking hilarious.  Anyway, we get home and kick our feet back, watch some TV and snuggle as the storm continues to ravage our outside window.  Let me tell you-- there are not too many things in this world that are better than curling up on the couch with the greatest man and love you've ever known.  Except for completing this already perfect scene with an Oreo McFlurry in hand.  Nom.

We go downstairs to eat some more (I know...) and we chow down some homemade, fluffy mango bread.  I then realize I forgot milk, so Erick runs back up to the apartment to grab two glasses.  We finish our mango bread as my eyes start to take a droopy, heavy, 'you need sleep now' look and I'm ready to head in for the night.  Erick has already ran upstairs, and I wash my plate and head up after him.

Umm.  The lights are off.  Every single last one of them.

I'm sitting here thinking one of two things:  either our electric went out, because I could still hear the rain hitting the rooftop or he was lurking behind a corner to scare me.  (Pretty common because I'm scared easily and he gets a kick out of watching me scream.)  I begin to think it's the latter option.

"Babe?  Where are you?" ..... I listen for a response before I even think about taking a step further.  Trust me.  I've learned my lesson after one too many racing heart beats and frightened screams.

"Over here"  ..... His voice is coming from our bedroom.  Alright, I think.  He's not going to jump out at me and is probably half way passed out already.  Awesome.  I'm in the clear.

I walk into our bedroom in the complete darkness and find a million tiny candles covering our floor.  I'm in shock.  I'm trying to regain composure as I see the man that I love down on one knee.

oh my god. oh my god. oh my god.

He says some of the nicest things that he's ever said to me and asked if I would make him the happiest man ever, if I would marry him.

I said yes.

You can never really prepare yourself for a moment like this.  As women, we all dream of this day.  We play it over and over in our minds thinking about what it would be like.  Would it be the classic fancy dinner proposal?  A proposal in front of your entire family or a bunch of strangers at a basketball game?  Would it be cheesy outside your window with a cardboard sign?  Would it even happen at all?  

I couldn't have ever imagined it any other way.  It was perfect.  All I could do was sit on the floor between his legs, head on his chest and cry.  All of those happy tears multiplied while the candles burned around us and the rain whipped against our bedroom window.  Everything we've created together-- this life, this apartment, our family-- it all started here at this tiny apartment on the southside of Chicago.  

And seriously, once you think you know how much you love someone, that can all change and be multiplied by a million percent in a moment like this.  I'm sure it will quadruple again once our daughter is born.  All of these new chapters unfold every day like a favorite book and keep me consistently on my toes.  I'm experiencing new levels of happy.  A kind of happy I've never felt yet.  Unchartered territory.

And of course I'm going to show off my ring!  It is the most beautifully perfect, dainty and sparkly thing I have ever laid eyes on.  I am such a lucky woman.  If you have never met me, I'll paint you a quick picture so I explain why this ring is so great:

Okay, so I have these really tiny hands with even skinnier fingers.  Most rings I would ever wear growing up would just overpower my whole hand so I never even bothered.  I knew that eventually if I was ever getting married I would need something simple, yet still elegant and not overbearing.  

I think Erick nailed this one perfectly.  What do you guys think?  Go ahead and take a peek because I am still seriously in shock.  SHOCK! Gah! This is so amazing!

This is truly a dream come true.  

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  1. Your story was lovely! Congratulations to you and your love Kate! - Amber

  2. yay yay yay yay!! congratulations on now having a FIANCE!!!! :) and you're ring is gorgeous and so classy. I love those last few shots.

  3. Bahhh! What a cute story! So happy for you both