week 35.

by - Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Every day I can be comfy in my gray sweats is a good day.

Hey there!  So really, when I even think about being 35 weeks it kind of hits me like a sack of bricks.  I am almost done.  I'm petrified and excited and hurting and laughing all at the same time.  All of these emotions and feeling and everything happens all at once.  Pregnancy, in a nutshell.  I've never been more excited to meet this little girl in my entire life, and I know that I love her even more with each day that passes.  Even when she uses my ribs as a dance floor at 4AM.

A few thing lately about this week- I received a Boppy pillow for baby at the last baby shower.  What is great about this thing is that even though I guess it's for baby, I have been using it to try and sleep and ease the pain I've been having in my hips.  Resourceful!  We also had to install the wall AC unit because of those 90 degree days that quickly (thanks, Illinois) became 30 degree days.  I don't even know what to think anymore about our weather.  We left it in though, because I'm hoping it starts to warm up again.

I also got these awesome new cereal bowls at Target because I love Target and I love cereal.  It's disgusting how much cereal I go through a day.  I think I could honestly eat cereal for every meal, every day of my life. It's the perfect snack!  So much variety.  That has been my number one consistent pregnancy craving for these past eight and a half months.  Man... if we don't have cereal or milk in the house... watch out.

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