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by - Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thank goodness for iPhones.

Words can't describe the happiness I feel in my heart.  Short, simple, intimate and sweet-- our courthouse wedding was exactly how we had hoped.  Our iPhones captured a few special moments afterwards and I hope soon to be able to post them for you to see.  Time is unfortunately "of the essence" still, as bub's due date is quickly approaching.   So, to any of you feeling left out, shocked, surprised, confused, etc... I understand.  Truly, I do.  And I apologize for that.  Just know that this was the perfect decision for our growing family, and we're happy to have gone about it this way.  

Aside from having a few small get-togethers with our own families to celebrate (SOON!!)  I wanted to let you all know that we also have plans to have a big outside party-rager with food, drinks and dancing as well as having our vows blessed in an actual church sometime next year.  Friends, coworkers, extended family-- I promise to keep you posted.  I'll still wear a pretty white dress.  We'll still get our first dance.  My body won't weigh 188 lbs.  Honestly it does.  I swear I'm carrying a whale.

Anyway, my sincerest thank you goes out to everyone that sent well wishes and congratulations.  I am overwhelmed and overjoyed.  I am still in over my head (help me please!!) with the thank you's from the THREE SHOWERS we've so graciously had, and gifts are still randomly appearing at our doorstep.  I can't believe it!  I've had so much to do that resting has been out of the question, but hopefully all of those cards will be finished up and mailed this week.  (If you're one of the many waiting for a thank you-- I promise it's on its way!  They have all been handmade or illustrated by me, so it's taken more time than I would have liked but I really wanted them to be special.)

All in all, I've found that marriage, and everything that comes along with it, to be an indescribable feeling.  Having so many people that I work with watch this love story of ours unfold in front of them is even cooler!  I am so unbelievably lucky to have found Erick and to continue to share the life we've made together.  And something else that makes me feel even luckier?  Having DOUBLE the amazing family.  How is that even possible!?  I think many people overlook that part of marriage- you get a second family.  And combined, you have one great big support group to lean on and keep you laughing.  I feel so grateful to have been welcomed into the Delarosa family from the start and feel so blessed to be surrounded, doubly, by great people.  (Not to mention being surrounded by great food on both sides) Mmm!!  

Now the next goal?  Dust off that Rosetta Stone.  No way my daughter will be telling secrets about me in spanish to her papa. ;)  

  - kate 

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  1. So excited for you!! Best wishes on your marriage and the baby on the way. :) (Aren't our babies ready to come out YET?!?!)