It's better to be safe than to be sorry

by - Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today was just like any other Wednesday OBGYN appointment day, we went in and waited for Dr. Kim to check the size of my belly and listen to our little one's rapidly beating heart.  Everything went great, she's been right on track this whole pregnancy.  We've been very fortunate to have had a fairly easy pregnancy with no complications.

Then, the list of questions came:

" So how you feeling? "
     .... good.
" Any contractions yet? '
    .... no, not yet.
" How are those feet and ankles? Are you swollen? "
   .... nope, everything looks good.
" What about movement, she still keeping busy? "
   .... well, *pause* i think her sleeping pattern may have changed.

And right then and there is where I went wrong.  I thought it was normal for baby to change her sleeping pattern as I wasn't feeling her much during the day anymore but more with her dance parties at night, however my doctor didn't exactly feel the same way.  Any decrease in movement around 34 weeks they take very seriously at her office--- even if nothing really is wrong.  Better to be safe, right?

Well, 'safe' is requiring me to come in for twice a week appointments now to do non-stress testing and ultrasounds.  The bonus?  I get to see bubs a lot more often.  I'm glad they're being extra cautious, even if it was only just a shift in her sleep regimen.  We're so close to the end that it's just not worth it to not be safe.

Proving how smart you are already, silly girl.  Keep passing all those tests.

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