It feels good to see the sun

by - Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Today felt amazing, it was one of the few days I actually felt like I deserved to call this month May.  

Now, I know we've had some 60, even 70 degree days but I'd really only get to spend maybe 10 or 15 minutes outside before I'd be back working an eight hour day indoors.  I really was able to soak it up today.

Erick was working on a wooden cloud cutout for the baby's room.  We're going to incorporate it into some kind of shelf we're going to make for all her little knick-knacks.  We've both been really "hands on" through this whole endeavor, each finding our own craft to undergo.

We want to say we've helped to build and provide a majority of the things our little girl will grow up to know and explore.

The grass is getting greener.  The blades are growing longer.  The branches in the trees are reaching up toward the warm light and everything is alive and thriving in our backyard.  

Something about the quiet, dead of winter that (although peaceful at times) can really just be downright lonely and gray.  

Walking outside to find this pleasant surprise this afternoon was all it took to change my mood for the better.  I often overlook these tiny miracles every day in the rush of the workweek.  I know truly today what it means to slow down, breathe deeply and take it all in.

You're almost 33 weeks, today!  Keep growing, baby.  We love you even more with every day that passes.  I can't wait till we finally get to see your cute little face.  

I made you some mason-jar flower holders and bought you a little birdie for your new shelf.  I really hope you like them. 

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