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If it weren't for my sisters and my family sometimes, I don't know where I would be.  My head isn't in the right place today.  I was up all night with contractions, back and hip pain, nightmares and dehydration.  I woke up today feeling anxious and with a splitting headache.  For some reason, something is off in my body and I'm not sure what it is, or how to fix it.  I feel alone in this battle.
My day came to a close last night tied with a pretty little bow I like to call, "the awkward 60 seconds of realization at a gas station in Braidwood".  I just wasn't ready for that.  I feel like everything is happening so fast, this entire month of May has been one big giant whoosh that I can barely see.  June will be even faster than that.  I don't feel prepared.  I'm sure this is normal, but still.  
I have two doctor's appointments today, and as soon as I'm done I am going to go somewhere.  I don't know where yet.  Just somewhere.  Maybe the b…

inspiration 5.30.11

{ 1. Just Fashion / 2. Meyer Lemon Pudding / 3. Fruity Vodka Slush / 4. Photo Shoot Dress / 5. Tiny White Daisies / }
These are my very own Pinterest picks this Memorial Day.  Hope you're enjoying the sun and... dare I say it... nice weather! ^_^  I'm going to visit my family to lay by the pool today.  Can't wait.  See you soon!
- kate

it's officially official.

Thank goodness for iPhones.
Words can't describe the happiness I feel in my heart.  Short, simple, intimate and sweet-- our courthouse wedding was exactly how we had hoped.  Our iPhones captured a few special moments afterwards and I hope soon to be able to post them for you to see.  Time is unfortunately "of the essence" still, as bub's due date is quickly approaching.   So, to any of you feeling left out, shocked, surprised, confused, etc... I understand.  Truly, I do.  And I apologize for that.  Just know that this was the perfect decision for our growing family, and we're happy to have gone about it this way.  
Aside from having a few small get-togethers with our own families to celebrate (SOON!!)  I wanted to let you all know that we also have plans to have a big outside party-rager with food, drinks and dancing as well as having our vows blessed in an actual church sometime next year.  Friends, coworkers, extended family-- I promise to keep you posted.  I'…

opinions needed.

Alright, so this is my fourth day in a row of waking up crazy early- (7:30!!) and if there is one thing that keeps a smile on my face it's knowing that the last few days haven't been a dream.  This is one hundred and fifty percent real, people.  I'm so happy.

I have a lot of running to do today, think I am going to hit up Oakbrook for a simple, pretty dress for our Saturday courthouse date and I may get some more organizational things for the desk.  Groceries are number two on the list- fridge has been pretty barren these past few days.  I feel bad for Erick.  This is where I need your help guys... I'm running out of ideas for quick meals!  We were watching our first set of childbirth class dvds and they talked about one early preliminary sign of labor being a "burst of energy" where I would just clean and cook and reorganize everything.  Well.... yeah.  I'm still waiting on that one.  The poor man just needs me to cook!

Hopefully if I get an early enough…

inspiration 5.27.11

{ Image credits for these gorgeous photos: 1. ..., 2. MACARONS - THE PURPLE KIND..., 3. VERTIGO, 4. 46/365 PURPLE CHALK }
Found these over at Creature Comforts.  Love how they use a color swatch-- I'm all about that.  Now go enjoy some of my favorite color today!

the next chapter.

and it all started at this moment.
Please if you have the time, I'd love to tell you all a story.  I knew I was going to have a surprise happening for everyone soon, but I didn't even know how to expect a surprise for myself!  Part of me is still in shock so I'm hoping I can still be a good storyteller through this.  I guess I'll just have to write it out and go from there.
Yesterday was miserable-- it rained harder than I've seen it rain in a while.  All of these storms have been plummeting the midwestern states for the past two days and unfortunately, Illinois was no exception.  Right now I have been starting to enjoy the first three days into my maternity leave, the time for kicking your feet back and getting a chance to relax my pregnant body, yet every day I've woken up early.  Why?  Doctor's appointments, driving Erick to work (long story), and errand running.  I have a problem.  I just can't stop.
We had a nice break yesterday and Erick and I were a…

classic threads.

Pretty sure this is perfect for the transitional weather we've had lately.   All items found at ZipIt.

36 weeks.

my little whale.
Today's routine doctors appointment proved to be a little more uncomfortable than I had originally expected-- let's just say I'm happy Erick didn't have to be at this one.  So, immediately upon arrival I was told to undress from the waist down.  Great.  Well at least I could expect to get violated at this appointment.  Wrong.
So Dr. Kim does her scheduled 36 week testing for something that baby could potentially contract from me during her arrival, called GBS or Groub B Streptococcus.  Here we go, legs up in the air with giant q-tip enroute straight for my lady parts.  
Then, I get swabbed in the butthole.
Didn't anyone ever teach doctors to let you know when they're entering that specific area?  You can't just do that.  It's common courtesy.  You have to use your directional before you switch lanes.  And this is how I begin my day.  What about you guys?

fresh spring stationary.

Aren't these colors from Fig. 2 Design Studio just amazing?  I have been really into stationary, handmade, and letter pressed cards recently so I figured why not share some inspiration I found this morning!

 I'm really hoping I can whip up a few designs of my own soon so that I can start up a small shop and get my website back up.  I'll be having more time to spend at home and making stationary is something I'll totally be able to sit at my desk and enjoy doing when baby naps!  


Erick, Baby & I through the eyes of artist friend, James Green.

handmade tutorial.

If there is one thing that really makes you feel old, it's your little sister's graduation day.  Oh my goodness!!  I am so proud of her, and know she is going to be ridiculously famous sometime soon.  Check out her videos.  They're really cool.  

In honor of her awesomeness, I decided to get crafty before my work shift and put together a very simple congratulation card for her.  All you really need is some Bristol art paper, a Micron pen, gluestick, scissors and some form of patterned or colored scrapbook paper.  Here's what I did:

Go craft something today!