Why Today Wasn't a Good Day.

by - Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Screws from my MacBook laptop.

So it finally happened: my MacBook circa 2006 has passed away.  Today is a sad, sad day.  And it wasn't just her old life that did her in, it was her loving owner.  I freakin' spilled coffee all over her first thing this morning.  I really truly can't believe it.  Erick successfully pulled out my hard drive so we'll see if I can't transplant that into an (eventual) new computer.  *Sigh*

In other news, I was able to take some quick snaps with the FM10 before I left.  And one of them is of my beloved new french press, whom I've lovingly named Frenchie.  And who is also partly to blame for the death of my MacBook.  Hmmph.  I developed these quick prints on my lunch break.  Nothing special,  just a bunch of crap until I have someone adorable to take pictures of.  TWO. MORE. MONTHS. 

xx kate.

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  1. ah! AAWWWWWWW.... : (

    that is the most appropriate sound i've ever heard haha.

    eets okay. it's a sign that you need a newer prettier laptop/27" iMac right?! totes.

  2. PLEASE tell me that is a chalkboard wall in the bottom photo....