To-do and To-get.

by - Sunday, April 10, 2011

photo from a nursery edition of one blogger's extreme makeover.

This right here is on my April to-do list.  Finish our little girl's nursery.  I have so many random ideas in my head for woodland creatures, ugly dolls, vintage toys, and homemade artwork from me and Erick.  It's been so busy and I really feel like besides the crib and paint, we haven't put much effort into making it a super rad space for her.  I want her to have a bunch of cool things to look, explore, and play with.  

Lomo LC-A Original 35mm camera

This is on my April lust over/to-get list.  Still out of my price range at the moment, but a lot more feasible then my lofty goal of ever owning a Polaroid 600SE.  I'm obsessed with film lately, even though it's INCREDIBLY hard not having the instant gratification of a digital camera.  I might even sell my old Rebel XTi to make room for one of these.  Hopefully it's worth even that much.  We'll see.  I plan on taking a lot of photos the next few days so I can get the rest of my SXSW film developed!  I feel photo deprived on this blog!  The nicer weather leaves me no room for any more excuses.

xx kate.

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