Still Procrastinating on my Update.

by - Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thing is, I LOVE that camera.  I haven't taken pictures recently of... anything... and I always get really weirded out now even taking pictures of myself.  It's like that borderline narcissism thing which I'm totally not at all, (but I just have a new CS5 that I want to play with!!)  Totally not cool.  Erick has been working downtown for the past three days so I can't bug him for photos, and well, this baby has been stuck in my belly for the past nearly 8 months so I still have to wait for her to make an appearance.  Trust me, after that, this blog will explode in De La Rosa cuteness.  And maybe I can snag the camera to do my video... I really need to make my 31 week update!  I'm procrastinating so bad and we're getting really close here, folks!  Plus.  I feel like shit and I want to talk about it.  Haha.  I promise in the next few days I'll get it up, so let's plan on Friday or Saturday.  Yay for Easter weekend!  We'll be driving down to good old Essex, IL  (never heard of it?  don't worry)  to visit my side of the family and eat some of grammie's awesome ham.  I love ham.  And with that, I'm leaving you guys today to go work for 9 hours and get a backache.  YES!

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