The Skinny: MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment from LUSH

by - Friday, April 01, 2011

Well isn't that a mouthful.  Tonight I'm reviewing one of the many Lush goodies I was gifted (surprisingly) tonight after a random State Street Macy's trip.  Erick is seriously, seriously, seriously the best.  And if all of y'all have never heard of Lush, I suggest you not online visit their site, but go walk into one of their stores.  I kid you not- it's like being an adult in a candy store.  The smells are overpowering, but not in a Yankee Candle kind of way... more like a yummy bath things kind of way.  I'll be honest in saying most men would rather not enjoy this journey, but your woman will definitely love you even more if you treat her to some Lush every once and a while.  Just saying.

So on to the marshmallow magical goodness.  This pinkish cupcake adorable little guy is about a $6 indulgence.  And while that is a little steep for a one-use, you could easily take a butter knife to him and get 2-3 baths instead.  This is from Lush's line of bath melts.  Note: these do not make bubbles, they only have yummy smells and moisturizing properties.  I combined mine with a bath bomb (fizzy) so it could go the extra distance.  I loved it.  Skin was super soft and not overbearingly fragranced.  Did I mention I love Lush?  Seriousy.  After spending the first, like... 20 years of your life taking ONLY baths, you grow fond of that relaxing nighttime ritual.  When I lived in the dorms at college I absolutely despised taking showers.  Especially public showers.  I wore flip flops and everything.  Ack.  

Anyway, I hope you all visit Lush sometime soon and have the chance to pick one of these up.  This is not the first Lush product I plan on reviewing, so if you're a fan, stay tuned.  I have a lot more goodies to show you.  Till next time...

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