Photoroll and my Big Girl Desk.

by - Saturday, April 02, 2011

1. Crib completion, finally.
2. Spent the day downtown.
3. Ring shopping. *sigh!!*
4. Homemade chilaquiles
5. Apple munching in the sunlight.
6.  We clean up pretty nicely.

Just a quick update before I turn in for the night.  I really hope to pick up this desk in the next few weeks.  I really need it, and can't wait to put it in my little corner.  Man.  My own space.  It's going to be fantastic.  I am absolutely worn out tonight, we spent the entire day cleaning.  We really needed to get the apartment looking better, though so I won't complain too much.  Now I'm off to soak my tired back and *hopefully* convince someone to massage it before he's too tired to do it. :)

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  1. first things first holy crap that ring. holy. crap.

    and then congratulations that crib is gooorge! i lurve it. and you. and your super cute boyfriend. i mean that... from the tippy top bottom of my heart : )

    also i'm like insanely jealous you went to LUSH! haha i wish i had a bathtub that wasn't like a fake bathtub and normal sized people could fit in it. (for the record they can't)

    i also decided (just now) that we need to hang out outside of work. i think our relationship level has reached that pivotal point. intense right? i know. gimme your thoughts.

    dang this comment was unnecessarily long.

    - i know, right?! this is becoming a dream come true.

    - i will never take for granted having a bathtub in my house. i will not settle for a shower. i just wont. how can i now that i've found lush?

    - i happen to agree with you 100%. we can sit and drink our tea/coffees talk about nicely designed baby things, try out new recipes and then proceed to blog about it. maybe it could be a new section for both of us and we'll record our adventures. LOL.

    - & this. how. HOW?

  3. i see some pretty pretty pillows.... :)

    that workstation/expedit in general is FANTASTIC. i considered buying it this weekend, but it's just too small for me and my needs.