Jumping in the Panic Room

by - Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  *MINI FREAKOUT!*  Hopefully this isn't borderline weird or something.  I just got super excited for a moment.  Kinda like that dog that pees all over you if you get her too worked up.

I won't pee though.  Maybe.

THE Marshall's, my favorite blog family in the entire universe whom I found (ever so gratefully) from my friend Abby , is my second follower.  Haha.  I feel like such a dumb person, like a scary Justin Bieber fan or something... but you guys don't know how big of a deal this is for me!  I'm sure other new moms or his other followers can relate.  Every day I feel like a broken record...

"BABE! Did you see that video of Tessa blowing bubbles in her MILK?!"
"BABE! Should I do my hair like this?  Cole makes it look effortless!"
"SEE?!  Ryan has a Merlin Steadicam too!"
"We definitely have to take HD videos of our baby when she's born"
"How did she stay so good looking through her pregnancy?  I feel like a whale!"

... etc.

This blog honestly has given me so much inspiration, hope, and honesty into what it's like to become a family and still pursue not only various creative arts but the art of staying yourself (and sane) through the parenthood journey.  Erick and I are currently expecting our first in June, so this blog has been such a holy grail of a find for me because it's unlike anything I've seen.  You listen to Ryan write, or see the bits and pieces he shares of his family and you instantly feel like you've known them forever.  It's kinda crazy.

So to everyone that has missed the opportunity to jump over to see Ryan's blog, Go.  Do it now.  It's life changing.  This guy is doing fantastic things not only through his photography, videos and writing but also with the album Do Fun Stuff and promoting awareness for Smith Magenis Syndrome through supporting PRISMS.  I'm telling you guys, the Marshalls are Crazy. Awesome. People.

Thanks for all of the photo inspiration,
style and hair tips from Cole,
introducing me to Camper shoes,
introducing me to the ClassicInsta app for my iPhone,
and sharing your family's journeys.

(I really could go on and on, so I'll just stop now.)

And if you haven't had enough, go check out the beautiful pictures over on Becka's blog where she actually sat down for dinner with them. 

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