Big Girl Haircut and Over Easy.

by - Thursday, April 14, 2011

So a lot happened on Wednesday.  I really, truly mean a lot.  I got home and passed the efffff out, I couldn't even imagine cramming anymore than we did into our day.  Let me start it out for you:

First things first, woke up for my 30 week appointment (should have an update on that soon!)  and so far everything looks great.  No diabetes for mama, and I'm officially done with all bloodwork for the rest of this pregnancy.  HURRAY!!  From there we had our tradition of Wednesday Breakfasts and we headed up to Over Easy in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago.  This will always be one of my favorite breakfast joints.  The sassy eggs rule (and are a cult favorite) and I ventured out to try the sweet and salty pancakes on this visit.  They were STUFFED with BACON.  Can it get any better than that?  Nope.  Didn't think so.

Sweet and Salty Pancake Platter from Over Easy

We then headed to a few baby boutiques, found a lot of adorable things that are always too expensive... then headed to Wicker Park for an Akira stop.  Got some Tom's finally!  It feels so good giving back to lil kiddies that need shoes worldwide, and they definitely feel good on my third trimester feet.  I'm still working 8+ hr shifts at work on stone tile... it gets to be pre-tty painful by hour four.  Baby DLR got her first pair of baby Tom's too (thanks to Papa- he's really the best) so now by 6 months, she'll have something super cool to wear like her Mama.

Ash Gray Tom's from Akira

THEN- after some more errand running to Home Depot and Genesis Art Supply (for nursery decorating goodies)  we came home, switched gears, and headed to Pulaski for a hair cut.  First thing the woman says to me when I show her a picture of what I want was this:

WOMAN: "this?"
ME: "yeah."
WOMAN: "this is too short.  you'll look like a guy."
ME: (great)  "Hmm.  Okay.  Maybe keep it a little longer to try it out first?"
WOMAN: "Yes.  Much Longer."

Big Girl Haircut from Kate Votta on Vimeo.

** NOTE:  So the cut isn't exactly what I wanted yet, I have to cut more layers in the back, but it's getting closer to what I originally had in mind.  I was so brave!  I've never had a real haircut- not like this anyways.  It feels great to be able to not do anything in the morning, and I'm sure it will come in handy as a new mom.  Once I fix my layers, I'll update with a pic! :) **

xx kate.

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  1. 1. i love your bangs!
    2. i always order a side of bacon when i get pancakes... so having the bacon inside the pancake is genius.
    3. we're toms triplets with abby!! you're gonna love em... i wear mine all the time.

  2. whenever we all get together (soon i hope) we should totes all wear our TOMS haha... then we'll have a common starting point. "sooo are we ALL wearing the same shoooes??"

    love it.

  3. I love the video. You and Erick are so crafty!