Wednesday Breakfasts: Episode One

by - Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey everybody.  So, Wednesday is Erick and I's normal day off together and ever since I can remember we've been hitting breakfast joints around the city because, let's face it- breakfast really is the best meal of the day.  My parents even came up to visit around my birthday last month and we all decided to go to dinner.  I said, "hey no problem, I have a ton of ideas of where to go, I can just check my past Yelp check-ins and we'll have a good idea of some of the cool places we ate recently."  So I do.  And I look.  And I look.  All I see is Breakfast & Brunch over and over.  We hadn't even went to a proper dinner restaurant in over 3 months!  YIKES!  

The point is- we love breakfast.  So each Wednesday I'm going to share our adventures with you.  This way, we can all eat delicious foods and savor my favorite part about living in the brunch-filled city of Chicago.  Let's move on. 

Our visit today highlight's Toast, and more specifically, Toast Two in Wicker Park.  This isn't our first visit to Toast we've been here numerous times, and each time it's even more awesome.  Service is great, and the manager there is one of the cutest moms you will ever lay eyes on.  When you go, make sure you order the French Toast Orgy or the chilaquiles.  The orgy of french toast, (and yes that's what it is labeled as on the menu), is compiled of three enormous sticks of stuffed french toast.  You can get one of each stuffed flavor: italian mascarpone, strawberry, and chocolate or you can choose any combination that your little heart desires.  My favorite is picking all three to be the italian mascarpone.  So. Good. 

Wednesday Breakfasts: Episode One from Kate Votta on Vimeo.

** NOTE **

Hopefully you all caught that foreshadowing at the end of the video.... 

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